NXG Group Corporate Showcase - 8.30am - 10am

Celebrating our 10 years anniversary, NXG Group is proud to announce we will be hosting our Corporate Showcase to be held at The Ministry of Sound on 9th June 2017. Invited guests including partners, stakeholders, creative industry experts, employers, education and training executives, schools and colleges and delegates will have the opportunity to gain an insight into NXG Group's vision, service delivery, current achievements and outcomes and our future plans.

We will be shortly announcing keynote guest speakers to provide an insight into current topics impacting our industry, for example funding challenges, new apprenticeship model and levy.

Click here to RSVP FRIDAY 9th of June 2017 , 8:30am-10am at Ministry of Sound , 103 Gaunt Street, Elephant and Castle, London, SE1 6DP

Previous Corporate Showcase Events

In May 2015, NXG Group successfully hosted our first Corporate Showcase https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tbuPecNLZMMat the Semiens Crystal Building, London.

Guest speakers included:

During National Apprenticeship Week, March 2016, NXG Group hosted Celebrating Apprenticeships at The Empire, Leicester Square, London. Invitedemployers and guests from the creative industry sector discussed apprenticeship opportunities with training providers and young people. Guest Speakers included: